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Spotify AR

TikTok, AR

Spotify has launched a Dhoom Dhaam-themed AR experience on TikTok with over 18 billion engagements. The experience includes features such as fireworks, themed music, and a dancing game, creating an immersive and engaging experience for users. The campaign promotes brand awareness and engagement, potentially increasing brand loyalty and driving more users to the platform. The dancing game feature encourages users to interact with the AR experience and share their experiences, leading to a viral effect and generating more buzz for Spotify. The versatility of the AR experience allows for it to be easily adapted to different themes or events, providing a flexible and cost-effective marketing tool for the company. Overall, Spotify's AR experience on TikTok is an innovative and exciting marketing campaign that showcases how technology can enhance marketing efforts. By creating brand awareness and engagement, reaching a massive audience, and providing a versatile marketing tool, this AR experience demonstrates the potential for companies to leverage new technologies to drive business growth.