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Ascott Hotels AR

Instagram, AR, filter

Ascott Hotels has launched a creative marketing campaign on Instagram, featuring a scavenger hunt filter with their cubby mascot. The filter encourages users to explore different locations and search for hidden items, creating an interactive and engaging experience. The campaign is an excellent marketing tool for Ascott Hotels, promoting brand awareness and encouraging engagement with the brand. The use of their cubby mascot adds a fun and memorable element to the campaign, further promoting brand recognition and making the experience enjoyable for users. The scavenger hunt filter can be easily adapted to different locations or events, providing Ascott Hotels with a flexible and cost-effective marketing tool. For example, the filter could be customized for a specific city or holiday, providing users with a new and exciting experience while maintaining the brand's image. Overall, Ascott Hotels' scavenger hunt filter on Instagram is an innovative and fun marketing campaign that has the potential to benefit the business in numerous ways. By creating brand awareness and encouraging engagement with the brand, the filter can help to reach new audiences and drive more bookings to their hotels.