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Coca Cola AR

Coca Cola
Snapchat, AR

Coca-Cola's latest AR experience for Coke Zero features a hand gesture that makes a cola bottle appear in your hand from a Christmas truck for Snapchat Lens Studio. The interactive and engaging experience creates brand awareness and increases brand engagement, while the use of social media and sharing features allows for the experience to reach a wider audience. The AR experience is easily adaptable to different seasons or events, providing Coca-Cola with a cost-effective and versatile marketing tool. For example, the Christmas truck could be replaced with a beach-themed truck during the summer months, providing users with a new and exciting experience while maintaining the brand's image. Overall, Coca-Cola's AR experience for Coke Zero is an innovative and engaging marketing campaign that has the potential to benefit the business in numerous ways. By creating brand awareness and engagement, reaching a wider audience, and providing a versatile marketing tool, this AR experience is a great example of how companies can use technology to enhance their marketing efforts.