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Shangri La AR

Instagram, AR, Filter

Shangri La has launched a new AR experience filter for Instagram, featuring four different scenes to go with the hotel's themed locations. The scenes include a beach, winter wonderland, botanical garden, and whimsical world, providing users with an immersive and interactive experience. The filter includes various elements that add to the scenes' realism and engagement, such as clouds, hummingbirds, and trains. These elements create a unique and memorable experience for users, potentially increasing brand awareness and loyalty. The filter's versatility allows it to be easily adapted to different events or locations, providing Shangri La with a flexible and cost-effective marketing tool. By using Instagram's broad reach, the filter can help to reach new audiences and promote the brand's image, potentially driving more bookings to their hotels. Overall, Shangri La's experience filter on Instagram is an innovative and exciting marketing campaign that showcases how technology can enhance marketing efforts. By creating an immersive and interactive experience, using various elements to enhance the scenes' realism and engagement, and promoting brand awareness and loyalty, this AR experience.